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What is an artist page?

A way for artists to gain additional exposure/promotion via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google Plus.

How does it work?

Unlike our radio station O I C radio, where listeners has no control of what they listen to, your own artist page is “On Demand Content”.

This means people can choose which of your songs to listen to.

We give each of your songs its own page. When the pages are published, they are:

Tweeted via @RedLightSedalia
Posted via our Facebook wall

The URL would look something like: – YourSongTitle/

From here people can:

Listen to your song
Give your song either a thumbs up/thumbs down rating
Share your song via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, Google Plus and 8 other social services
Leave a comment

I want my own artist page! What do I do?

Providing you have already submitted your material for consideration, and was accepted, nothing. We do all the work for you.

We upload your songs and create the pages.

As you create more original music, you email them to us and we’ll publish them to your own artist page.

However, click here Putting your original music on O I C Radio for music submission requirements.

Need more information? Call or email James

660 553 4572 seeks permission from artists before placing their original music on this website and on O I C Radio.

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